Thursday, December 29, 2016

Family Tree Maker "Web Links"

Family Tree Maker has a Web Links feature:

Family Tree Maker Web Links

Although FTM does not appear to publish these Web Links at the present time, Charting Companion (6.4.39 and later) can display the Web Links in any chart or report that allows selection of event types.

You can display Web Links in the Standard Family Group Record:

Web Links in Family Group Record

You can display Web Links in any chart. Note that if you Publish as HTML, the Web Links are "hot" or clickable. Clicking on them will open a new browser tab to the Website. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Google+ links are highlighted with a special button. Click for true HTML page.

Chart with "clickable" links

You can display Web Links in an Ancestor or Descendant Book:

Web Links in Ancestor or Descendant Book

You can display Web Links in the Outline Descendant:

Web Links in Outline Descendant
When creating a chart, make sure that the "WebLink" event type is included in the list of events, and that "Place Names" is checked:

To click the links in Internet Explorer, click on "Allow blocked content".

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Genelines: Genealogy timelines

Genelines - Timeline Charting Software
GENELINES is one of the most powerful research and storytelling tools available to anyone researching their family tree.
By bringing together elements of time, history and family relationships on visual time line charts, Genelines (for Windows) software can bring your family tree to life.

Genelines automatically reads your family tree database so you don't need to re-enter your family information. For a complete list of compatible family tree database programs, click here.

Your choice of CD-ROM or Download!

Genelines features a suite of seven different timeline chart formats, consisting of two BIOGRAPHICAL and five RELATIONSHIP charts.

Each of these seven charts can be customized according to: timeline, historical events, personal or family events, colors and fonts.  

Unique in presentation, the Individual and Comparative Biographical Charts allow you to include such events as career path, relationships, place of residence, etc., and compare these life experiences with those of other relatives in your database.

You can even add historical events that were happening at different times during their lives to see how such events may have impacted the decisions they made and the directions they went.

The Relationship charts let you view your family pedigrees and lines of descent against a backdrop of historical events on the local, regional or world stage.

You can customize charts according to people, line of descent or family group, personal life details, color, and the history you wish to depict.

The relationship charts can explain a great deal about your family and how they lived and even allow you to add people who are not necessarily related.


All Genelines charts can be previewed and printed in full color, in various sizes - including wall charts - or published to PDF and incorporated into a web page or shared by e-mail. The Genelines form of presentation can be much more meaningful and easier to understand than a typical text based report, and can help you draw conclusions that may otherwise have been missed.
Genelines, a program that will help you:
- produce amazing timeline charts
- identify missing information
- highlight illogical or contradictory data
- expose duplicate persons
- focus your research
- assist with data collection
- help you understand your data better

An unbelievable program at an unbelievable price of $29.95 (Download) / $34.95 (CD-ROM).

For more information on Genelines, sample charts and research examples go to:

For more information on ordering your copy of Genelines 2.4 go to:

Or, if you would rather, call us at 902-681-3102 and place your order with us directly.

Such a valuable program at such a great price, now is the time to make it a part of your genealogy software library.

Pierre 120.jpg
Pierre Clouthier
President, Progeny Genealogy Inc.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Descendant "Bottom-up", "No spouse"; saving chart as spreadsheet; videos


Children can be so wonderfully direct. We were at a parade, and my four-year old Melanie says "Give me a piggyback!"
"I'm tired" I replied.
"I'm not!"
We have recently added some enhancements to Charting Companion.
Descendant "Bottom-up"
Charting Companion can now display a Descendant chart in "Bottom-up" mode, with the Subject at the bottom, and the descendants above, like a growing tree with its branches rising upwards.
Interesting Image
The Descendant chart also has a "no spouse" option, where the spouses are not displayed, and only the bloodline relatives appear.
Save chart as a spreadsheet.
Ancestor and Descendant charts can be published as an Excel spreadsheet. Birth, Marriage and Death dates & places, for everyone in the chart, are saved in the spreadsheet file.
The results of a Search can also be saved as a spreadsheet, complete with a special "sort date" that enables you to see events in a timeline. You can compare a group of people and see the relationship and sequence of their events.
Charting Companion videos
Click to see some short videos that show the power of Charting Companion.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The SEO racket: 21st century Snake Oil

Once a month I get a call from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm who stumbled upon one of my Websites. They want to optimize my SEO, improve my Website, increase traffic, yadda yadda. They can be very persistent, calling repeatedly. One outfit (EZ Marketing) impersonated phone numbers so I would not recognize them on call display.

Their proposition is simple: I give them my credit card number, they siphon $500 to $1,000 from my account every month, and in return they'll assign some low-level grunt to learn my business in fifteen minutes, stuff my <meta> tags with keywords they've gleaned, and write generic link bait pages.

The problem is that there is no way of measuring the cost effectiveness of their efforts. It doesn't make sense to spend more money on advertising, than what revenue it generates.

If my sales increase, tadaa! they're successful. If not, too bad so sad, looks like we'll have to do more of the same and thank you for the cash flow.

I have a counter-proposition. I will assign the consultant an Affiliate Code from my e-commerce system. The Affiliate Code will be embedded in the material they create. If their pages generate sales, they will get credit, and a commission. Ditto email.

That usually takes them aback. What? No compensation without performance? We have to measure our results? Heresy!

Like Diogenes, I'm still looking for an honest firm. 

Snake oil, originally a fraudulent liniment without snake extract, has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Charting Companion and the new Family Tree Maker

New Family Tree Maker
Two months after declaring in Dec. 2015 that it would discontinue Family Tree Maker, Ancestry announced that Software MacKiev will be picking up FTM and continue to sell it.
We are pleased to announce that Charting Companion continues to be compatible with the new version of Family Tree Maker. Better still, Charting Companion 6.4 appears on the Plugin menu of FTM (click on "Tools, Plugins").
.Launching Charting Companion from FTM
The new Plugin way to launch Charting Companion offers a seamless and more convenient way for users to create great charts.
RootsMagic colors
Charting Companion can now represent RootsMagic colors. If you have assigned colors to persons in your RootsMagic database, they will automatically appear in Charting Companion charts.
  RootsMagic colors
 Customer feedback.
We are always interested in customer suggestions to improve our products. While we may not be able to implement them immediately, all suggestions get recorded in our bug/enhancement database.
If you have an idea for a new feature, please visit the Charting Companion Feature Request site where you can vote, rank and even fund enhancements. You can register to vote with your social media account, or you can create a new account.